EVR Motorcycle special Ducati clutch components are 7075 CNC machined clutch pressure plate and Ergal 7075 clutch baskets for all Ducati dry clutch models. The unique cut design of the EVR Motorcycle special Ducati clutch components incorporates a ventilated heat extraction, lowering the ambient clutch temperature by 10% to give longer life to clutch components. This unique design incorporates a low clearance spring retainer posts to save damage to the clutch if the bike makes contact with the ground. It is recommended to fit new coloured anodised retainers, stainless steel springs, and stainless steel cap securing bolts to compliment the final product. EVR Motorcycle special Ducati clutch components kits come in various colours. Top plate and bottom plates are of a personal choice and are offered in variety of different colour combinations. The colours for the top and bottom plate come in black, alloy silver, red and gold and can be mixed.


We can supply you with an excellent quality slip on muffler from our range of Agostini and Q.D systems all to give better performance and give that unique Guzzi sound. All mufflers internals are constructed of stainless steel with finishes of Carbon fibre, Titanium, Black Ceramic coated or a Polished components Moto Guzzi Performance mufflers are designed to fit with the ascetics of these Motorcycles and fit in with the creative designs of all Moto Guzzi models. If your looking for a Moto Guzzi performance muffler we can help you decide the best muffler for your model.