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Lithium Motorcycle Batteries Ultrabatt are the latest batteries with BMS board (Battery Management System), in addition to the latest development in lithium cells,they also have a state-of-the-art PCB with advanced Protec SAFE mosfet technology that no other battery have on the market today, making them not only the safest and most reliable, but also the strongest.
It has the most advanced integrated electronic system to prevent complete discharge, overcharging or overvoltage and thermal overload. Plus they have a short-circuit protection, it has a fuse cover, if the fuse is blowen it can be replaced giving up to 10 years of Qaulity battery Service 

Lithium Motorcycle Batteries Ultrabatt technicail report
            150CCA / 200PCA / 2.5A, similar to a 8Ah lead acid battery

           This battery is 67% stronger than our “old” UB-12120MF3 battery
            Dimensions: 107×38.5×102.5mm (LxWxH)
           Weight: +/- 454gr
           300CCA / 400PCA / 5.0A, similar to a 16Ah lead acid battery

          This battery is 233% stronger than our “old” UB-12120MF3 battery
           Dimensions: 143×38.5×117.5mm (LxWxH)
            Weight: +/- 805gr
Ultrabatt benefits compared to competition:
–          ProtecSAFE mosfet technology (most advanced integrated electronic system to prevent complete discharge, overcharging, overvoltage and thermal overload)
–          Designed to connect to each other
–          Two terminal adapter types. Type-1 for upright position and type-2 for flat position comes complete with  batteries
–          Always plus and minus correctly positioned
–          Advanced microchips with state-of-the-art battery management system BMS Board
–          Removable fuse construction
–          Hided terminal design
–          World’s lowest battery weight and highest performance !
–          Users can take their battery with them to their next vehicle or buy extra modules when more capacity is needed
–          It is possible to connect the batteries separated for an improved weight distribution (for example one battery left and one right, instead of one larger battery in the middle)
–          Patented design
           The batteries can be connected to each other and the terminals can be positioned in several ways.

  1. Dont self discharge at any appreciable rate so it does’t matter if you don’t ride one of your bikes for a couple of months.
  2. Cheaper to own. Much lower cost per year to own.
  3. Ultra light. Typically less than 1/4 of the weight of a lead acid battery.
  4. Very small size. Typicallyls about 1/2th the size of an equivalent lead acid battery.
  5. More powerful. – Higher cranking amps spins your starter motor faster.
  6. No expense or hassles with smart chargers or battery tenders required as they don’t self discharg when not used.
  7. Longer service life. Target lifespan 10 years.
  8. Ultrabatts Inbuilt ProtecSafe Battery Management System. Ensures safety, balanced charging and twice the battery life span.
  9. No toxic sulfuic acidic  to spill and no toxic lead either and no potential for explosive hydrogen gas.
  10. Can be mounted in any orientation.
  11. Very fast charging. Typically a discharged battery can be fully recharged in 1-2 hours.  By comparison a discharged lead acid battery will take over 12 hours to charge to full capacity. Fast charging can be very handy if you have a total loss ignition system on your race bike.

In our testing we have found the battrries will last up to 5- 10 years one dose not need to use a trickle charger providing the machine is used within 3-6 month period & does not have any electronice acessories conected that is not wired to the ignition that my drain down the Batttery. The battery has a voltage shut down switsh to protect itself from damage in this case of voltage drop below 6.5 volts
We have been testing these batteries in Historic race bikes  with total loss ignition systems for the last 2 years with continous high Amps & voltage through out a days racing. I can provide recomended charger at reasonable price which one can purchase for this application

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Ultrabatt Performance Batteries

1 x 150 CCA, 2 x 150CCA, 1 x 300CCA, Mains battery Charger 1.5 amp