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This unit allows you to read the current mapping by connecting the RexXer to your diagnostic plug and reprogram the stock ECU by using a “tuning-map”. To achieve optimal performance gains of the injection system a combination of aftermarket silencers with a performance air filter and a RexXer fuelling map is needed. Only with combining the above will you get the best results in torque and performance.
This is the same principle as the RexXer Promap and is a very good tool for racing applications as you can load a range of maps to your laptop P.C and download maps at the race track by swapping maps to suit the bikes requirements. This is a very easy and straight forward procedure.

Maps come in three Catagories
Catagory 1 Standard exhaust system
Catagory 2 Slip on mufflers and performance air filter
Catagory 3 Full performance exhaust system and performance air filter

We are able to build maps for modified engines. For this you would need to contact us for advice on your requirements.
This unit has become popular for the user to perform their own downloads and used to reset-Throttle Position Sensor,Auto Perimeters,Air Pressure Sensor,reset Error Codes and Trim function on most models
This unit is designed to be used on one motorcycle only and has a variety of programs within the unit depending on the design of the ECU. For this it is advised to contact us with the make and model and requirements needed.
0423322175 or [email protected]

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